Thursday, May 15, 2014

MIP| Before and After Series: Part I

Seeing the editing process that photographers use has always fascinated me. Each one is different and each has his or her own way of bringing to life their photos. I'll be going through a blogging series this season and showing various Before and After shots from my clients' sessions.

The first photo below features the adorable Raegan, and she had a tree growing through her ears that just HAD to go! There was also a shadow to the right that was distracting and wasn't helping to bring focus to her pretty face. I used the Clone Brush in Photoshop CS4 and happily copy and pasted the surrounding area to blend it away.  
Photoshop actions used: Yellow Sky Actions' Boutwell Magic Glasses and Gone Goes the Wind.

Brody just turned 2 and is full of energy! I sometimes feel that the most successful child photographer would be a midget because they can shoot at eye level with these kiddos vs the ever popular squat. As you've probably figured out you can't run and squat at the same time! Brody's mama was hurrying to get out of the shot as I rushed and crouched in front of B-man but she didn't quite make it in time. Clone Brush to the rescue again! I just easily brushed her legs away and blended it into the background and this adorable shot was saved.

Photoshop actions used: Yellow Sky Actions' Boutwell Magic Glasses and Cheery Bloom.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

H O L L I N G E R S | New Madison OHIO

I've known Doug + Amy's family for a number of years....too many to remember. I've watched their girls grow into teenagers and they've watched me become a wife and a mom. We planned this session for quite a long time and finally made it happen last September. Amy herself loves photography and wanted that delicious golden hour light for her own photos. I had never photographed morning light like this but it was worth the early rise and dew soaked Sperry's! See for yourself...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Land of Milk Mustaches

More pictures, less words. That's my motto for 2014. Time is short, and these babies? They grow up SO fast! I want to spend less time TALKING about what we're going to do and more time DOING, enJOYing, and CAPTURING these moments. Here are some photos of our Hallie...she will be 3 months old tomorrow. What a {b l e s s i n g !}  ~Morgan

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Morgan Ingram | Piqua, Ohio Family Photographer

I'm VERY excited to start sharing this year's sessions with you! I was so busy keeping up with life and clients that I had yet to share all of the wonderful photos and faces I had the pleasure to capture. 

The first family you'll meet has so much fun together. I couldn't stop laughing at the antics of their youngest, which you'll see a taste of below. I so enjoyed spending the evening with them and hope to do it again in the future! 

If you are a local, take time to enjoy your county's nature preserves. We used Stillwater Prairie Reserve back in June for this session!